LemonTree © -- Fresh Model Versioning
Unified Corporate Strategy
Version management of models with state-of-the-art versioning systems
Manage Workflows and Review Org Charts
Build Management Continuous Integration of models
Design requirements
Change Management and reviews of models
Manage software specifications
Release Management for Models in Product Line Development

ISO 26262 Adaptation of IEC 61508

Configuration Management, Change Management and Collaborative Modeling

Working collaboratively
on a model is hard
Versioning for EA
Models is hard and
Tracking Changes in
Models is very comple

Working Parallel on Models

Why not using traditional diff tools?

LemonTree © Highlights

Diff & Merge
3-way diffing and merging
of Enterprise Architect
Model Versioning
Parallel editing of models
through optimistic model
VCS Integration
Seamless integration with Git,
Subversion, PTC, etc.

Branches of models
Parallel developments of
versions and variant
Merge Preview
Diagram merge and merge
Changes are visualized clearly
and understandably for

Established Processes for MBSE using Git and Enterprise Architect