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Power tool for Subversion administrators managing large numbers of users. Supports synchronization with LDAP. (Commercial product)

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Logo Importer for SVN by Polarion

This Java-based Subversion migration tool has everything you need to migrate safely from several commonly used change management systems. (Free product)

to migrate from CVS: Download
to migrate from PVCS: Download
to migrate from Microsoft® Visual SourceSafe™: Download
to migrate from ClearCase™: Download
to migrate from MKS™: Download
to migrate from StarTeam™: Download

Source Code…

The project is hosted on the Community Polarion site, among other Open Source projects. Please register yourself on the server and go to the project's home at http://community.polarion.org/polarion/#/project/svnimporter/home to get access to the sources, nightly builds, etc.

Logo Web Client for SVN by Polarion

This enhanced Subversion web client has everything you need to interact with your Subversion repository using a web browser. (Free product)

Logo Polarion SubTrain

This open source Subversion training course provides materials for both Subversion user and administrator training. (Open Source)